Our Mutual Difference

We’re focused on you.

Different by design. And by our actions.

We’re not your average bank, we’re a mutual bank. It’s an important distinction that makes a world of difference to our customers and communities because it gives us the power to do business differently. As one of the largest mutual banks in Massachusetts, without shareholders to answer to, we can invest in our capabilities and make decisions about rates, fees, products and customer service that focus on what’s best for all of us – and our communities.

A better deal is just the beginning.

As a mutual bank, we tend to have better interest rates and lower fees than national banks. We offer no-fee, out-of-network ATM transactions and handle loans differently.  Our experienced lenders take the time to get to know every borrower and match them with the best loan for their situation. We believe that making banking easier to manage makes life easier. And since we are not owned by shareholders, we answer only to you – our depositors and borrowers, allowing us to make sure we're right there with you, whenever you need us. 

We’re always here to help.

We have all the convenience features you’d expect – online, text, and mobile banking, ATMs, and drive-up windows. But maybe our biggest convenience is making sure you have someone friendly and knowledgeable to talk to in person and on the phone at our local call center.

While big bank branches seem to have fewer and fewer people in them, we're committed to providing helpful service in our branches – from banking specialists and managers to seasoned mortgage and business-banking experts.

Middlesex is a full-service bank serving individuals, families, and business owners throughout Massachusetts.

See what being right there with you means to us.