Middlesex Savings Charitable Foundation

Through our giving, we help worthy nonprofits give even more.

Helping make a difference for the organizations that make a difference.

Middlesex Savings Bank is always right there to help support community organizations with funding. But some nonprofits working toward the common good deserve even more support. That’s why the Middlesex Savings Charitable Foundation was created. This separate entity has its own endowment and is able to give grants up to $20,000 to worthy 501(c)(3) organizations that raise the standard of living for underserved groups.

Please be advised that the Basic Human Needs, Capacity Building, and Educational Opportunities grant programs have been temporarily suspended. We’ll be offering an Operating Support Program for the first grant cycle of 2021.

The Foundation supports nonprofits, services, and programs in education, public health and welfare, the arts, community development and scholarships for college-bound high school seniors. Our gifts include:

To be eligible for the A. James Lavoie Scholarship, applicants must demonstrate financial need, academic achievement, and community involvement. They must also plan to attend a four-year college program, and graduate from one of the many public, charter, or vocational high schools in the communities we serve. The winner is selected from among eligible applicants by an independent committee on the basis of strength and quality of submitted essays.

Congratulations to the 2021 A. James Lavoie Scholarship recipient, Alexa Shea of Assabet Valley Regional Technical High School!

In an effort to better support the needs of our nonprofit partners during these challenging times, the Foundation has established the Operating Support Program. Grant dollars may be used by organizations to support any of a wide variety of operating expenses including supplies, staffing, and other overhead.
Foundation Directors will review each grant proposal for the following:
  • Confirmation that the organization is financially stable, with no overwhelming threats to its continued viability
  • Evidence of experienced leadership at the staff and board levels
  • A commitment to continuing to provide services to the community

Maximum grant size is 10% of the agency’s annual operating budget or $10,000, whichever is less. 

To learn more about eligibility requirements, please visit the Eligibility page

Grant requests will be reviewed on the following schedule:

Submitted by:                 Reviewed by:
April 1, 2021                     June 1, 2021

The application period for the Operating Support Program is now closed. 

During his tenure as CEO of Middlesex Savings Bank, John was supportive of the Foundation and its efforts to help strengthen local non-profits. John also believed in the importance of leadership and the need to develop and recognize strong leaders.

To honor his contributions to the Foundation in a way that reflects his personal interests, we are proud to introduce The John R. Heerwagen Award for Nonprofit Leadership.

This annual award recognizes a strong, nonprofit leader whose work has significantly benefited the lives and wellbeing of residents within the Foundation's community. The award provides a one-time grant of $20,000 to the recipient's organization to be used in a manner that the recipient believes will benefit the organization.

Nomination Process:

The Selection Committee will accept nominations from anyone familiar with the nominee. Self-nominations will not be accepted.

The nomination period is now closed. 

Selection Criteria:

The Selection Committee seeks to recognize experienced, nonprofit leaders who demonstrate the ability to develop and implement effective organizational strategies. The ideal nominee will demonstrate the following capabilities and characteristics:

  • Creates and stewards collaborations and partnerships to advance the work of their organization in a manner that produces tangible benefits to the community.
  • Brings innovative ideas forward and to fruition.
  • Builds organizational and individual capacity and expertise.
  • Instills passion in themselves and the people with whom they work.
  • Demonstrates the highest levels of integrity and ethical behavior.

2020 John R. Heerwagen Award for Nonprofit Leadership Recipient

Anna Cross, Executive Director, MetroWest Nonprofit Network, was last year’s John R. Heerwagen Award for Nonprofit Leadership recipient. A one-time grant of $20,000 was presented to Ms. Cross and will be used in a manner that she believes will benefit the MetroWest Nonprofit Network, an organization whose mission is to strengthen and support the MetroWest nonprofit community by connecting people and their organizations to resources, expertise, and each other. 

For additional information, please contact us at:

Middlesex Savings Charitable Foundation
PO Box 5210
Westborough, MA. 01581-5210

For general and program-related questions, or technical questions regarding the submission process, contact:

Mike Kuza

For additional information, please contact us at:

Middlesex Savings Charitable Foundation
PO Box 5210
Westborough, MA. 01581-5210

For general and program-related questions, or technical questions regarding the submission process, contact:

Mike Kuza

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