Safe Deposit Boxes

The security you need, in one place.

Protect your valuables. 

Our safe deposit boxes provide security for your hard-to-replace valuables - such as insurance documents, jewelry, or a data backup drive. These locked boxes, available in a range of sizes, are located in a secure vault at a local Middlesex Savings Bank branch.

When renting a safe deposit box, consider the available sizes. Many people start by renting a small box only to discover that it quickly becomes filled, so it’s a good idea to think about what you plan to store in it before selecting a size. Next, determine who is allowed to access the box. Upon rental, you will receive a key (or keys) that must be kept in a safe place. 


Valuables are protected and privately stored within a box in a bank vault.

Convenient Access

Access your box during branch hours and view your items privately.

Various Sizes

Multiple box sizes are available depending on your needs.

What one might keep in their safe deposit box:

  • Jewelry and family heirlooms
  • Historical records
  • Vital back up data files
  • Important contracts and agreements
  • Adoption papers
  • Birth certificates
  • Citizenship papers
  • Military documents
  • Divorce papers
  • Copies of wills, living trust documents, powers of attorney
  • Copies of insurance policies

Rental fee pricing varies by size, and you can choose between three payment options: automatic debit, online bill pay or annual bill by mail.

Box Size (inches) Annual Fee
3 x 5 $55 ea.
5 x 5 $75 ea.
3 x 10 $95 ea.
5 x 10 $135 ea.
10 x 10 $215 ea.

Other sizes available.

It is important to remember that only you can open your safe deposit box, and only when the bank is open. Therefore, should something happen to you, items that others may need to obtain if you are not present should not be kept in your box. Original documents and policies should not be in your safe deposit box. Consider making copies of the originals and place those in your box. 

All accounts are subject to approval.

Safe deposit box contents are not insured by the FDIC.

Middlesex Savings Bank does not provide insurance coverage for the contents of your safe deposit box. You may secure you own insurance at your own expense.