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Making banking more convenient.

Bank less. Live more.

Want to make managing your accounts easier? Follow these Quick Tips to streamline and simplify your transactions and put the time you save toward something more rewarding. Keeping you in control of your finances when you’re on the move is just one more way Middlesex Savings Bank is right there with you.

Security Tips

Scams are easier to avoid when you know what to look for. Keeping your money and personal information safe starts with knowing how scammers work.

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Keeping an eye on your account is about to get easier. With e-Statements, you can review your account information anytime, anywhere.* And if there's a check you don't recognize, you can instantly see a picture to confirm it's legitimate. 

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Digital Wallet

Digital wallets are safer than cash or cards. It's easy to set up your digital wallet to pay totally touchless at the coffee shop, grocery store or almost anywhere.*

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Contactless Debit Cards

Want to breeze through the checkout line quickly and easily? Do the Tap & Go with your contactless debit card. Watch the video to see how simple it is.

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Retirement Tips

If you’re like most people, you’re not thinking much about retirement. You’re too busy with today. But there’s an easy way to get started or bump up your retirement readiness. Watch this video on how to simplify it.

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