Go green and get a little more organized.

See what’s going on – without hunting for your statement.

Your monthly bank statement offers a detailed snapshot of your finances and helps you budget money better. But it also can get lost in the shuffle. So sign up for online e-Statements and put your account info where you can always find it – right at your fingertips.

  • Receive an email notification when your statement is available online
  • View your account statements online at anytime
  • Get access to your statement faster than if it were put in the mail
  • View and print up to 18 months of previous statements
  • Use for better record keeping and tax preparation
  • Reduce risk of ID theft that can result from mail theft

To enroll in e-Statements

  • Log in to Online Banking
  • Select "Statements" on the top menu
  • Click on hyperlink click here after: Visit our new statement and loan portal
  • Click on eSign Document to download PDF
  • Open PDF and make note of the code
  • Enter eSign Confirmation Code from PDF
  • Click "I AGREE"
  • Select e-Statement for each account you wish to enroll
  • Click "Next" on the bottom
  • Click "Enroll" on the bottom.
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*Carrier rates may apply.