ATM and Debit Card Safeguards

ATM and Debit Card Safeguards

Middlesex uses Fraud Alert to continuously monitor debit card activity. If suspicious charges appear on your debit card, our Fraud Alert Service may phone you directly on our behalf to confirm the charges. The default method of contact is by text messaging, but other notification options are available. Please contact us to update your preferred contact method.

You may be asked to respond to a toll-free number to verify card activity. You may be asked to confirm the last four digits of your Social Security number, your birth date, or last four digits of your card number and your last transaction. You will never be asked to provide your full Social Security number, debit card number, account number, PIN, or secure access code (SAC). If you are ever asked for this by someone who has called you, or if you ever wish to verify you are speaking with someone from Middlesex Savings Bank, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Tips to spot and guard against ATM skimming

  • Always check for skimming devices on ATM/POS swipe readers and notify the bank if you suspect anything – scammers place the device directly over the swipe reader, or drill a small hole in the machine to hide it inside
  • Remember to cover the PIN pad with one hand while typing in your PIN with the other to block any camera trying to capture the information
  • Regularly check your account activity through online banking for unauthorized transactions and report them right away
  • Set up notification alerts through online banking to text or email when a transaction has occurred