Personal Loans

When a little extra makes a big difference, we're right there with you. 

Make a smart buy. Make big plans. Or simply make life go more smoothly.

Personal loan is the perfect name for this financial product. Because everyone's life is different and so are their personal wants and needs. You might want to buy a big television or take a trip. At Middlesex Savings Bank, our personal loans come with no strings attached, so you can do whatever you need.

  • Lower interest rates than most major credit cards
  • A good choice for short-term financing needs
  • Ideal for consolidating higher interest debt
  • Fixed interest rate loans require no collateral and feature stable monthly payments
  • To apply for a collateral loan, please schedule an appointment or visit a branch to speak with a banker

Middlesex is a full-service bank serving individuals, families, and business owners in central and eastern Massachusetts.

Subject to approval.