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By handling your day-to-day business banking online you can make the most of your time. What business isn't looking to save a little extra time?

To enroll in Business Online Banking, please complete an Enrollment form.

If you are currently a Business Online Banking customer and need to add additional accounts or modify current users, please complete a simple Online Banking Modification form.

Business Online Banking

Monitor account balances and make transfers anywhere you have internet access.

Key features:

  • Receive real time access to your account information

  • See transaction information in summary and full detail

  • View images of paid checks

  • Initiate real time account transfers between your business accounts

  • 24/7 access to your line of credit, and ability to make loan payments

  • Export account information to accounting software

  • Receive monthly statements electronically via e-Statement.


Business Online Bill Pay

Save time and money by scheduling payments in advance with Business Online Bill Pay.

Key features:

  • Pay bills in minutes and with the recurring payment option, your bills are paid automatically

  • If you pay just 10 bills per month, you can easily save over $75.00 per year on the cost of postage and checks*

  • Payment history is stored and easily viewable online

  • Gain peace of mind and help the environment by saving paper. Good news for you and mother nature.

*Savings are approximate and based upon the average annual cost of stamps, envelopes, and checks required for paying ten bills per month.

Protect Your Business with Easy Solutions

Easy Solutions® is a free security software that has proven to be one of the industry’s most innovative providers of integrated fraud prevention solutions. Easy Solutions provides Middlesex customers with an anti-fraud solution that protects them from some of the most sophisticated online criminal attacks.

There aren’t any login or password requirements to use this software. Detect Safe Browsing (DSB) from Easy Solutions is a very small and fast download that you install on devices you use to access your Middlesex Savings Bank accounts. This software runs quietly in the background and provides security to avoid becoming a victim to online fraud. 

Learn More About Easy Solutions



Using the camera on your smartphone or tablet, businesses can deposit checks anytime, anywhere. Just take a picture of the front and back of the check you're depositing, hit send, wait for a confirmation, and your deposit is complete.

It's that simple.

To begin using Business eDeposit, here's what you need to do.

Where can I get the Middlesex Business eDeposit app?

eDeposits are made through the MSB Mobile App - visit the Apple Store Off site link opens in new tab. or Google Play Off site link opens in new tab. to download the app today.

Not a Business Online Banking customer? Click here to sign up.

When completing an eDeposit, in addition to including your signature on the back of the check, please be sure to include “For MSB eDeposit only” on one separate line.

Have questions? Call our local customer information center at 1-877-463-6287 or visit any branch. We're happy to help.


Applicants for the Middlesex Savings Bank eDeposit program are subject to approval by Middlesex Savings Bank. Electronic Deposits must be made in accordance with the Middlesex Savings Bank eDeposit Agreement and are subject to limits defined in the Agreement. Mobile telephone carrier fees may apply.


Secure Your Phone

Most mobile phones let you set up a password or PIN, requiring that it's entered into your phone prior to use. This ensures that your phone can't be used if it's lost or stolen. Make sure that you always have this feature enabled and that your password or PIN is not shared with anyone.

Just like your computer, mobile phones are vulnerable to viruses, some of which can give fraudsters access to your personal information. To keep your information safe:

  • Install security software and keep it up-to-date

  • Delete junk emails and text messages

  • Don't follow any Web site links unless you know that they're genuine

  • Don't download any files or email attachments that you're not sure about.


Got questions? Call our local customer information center at 1-877-463-6287 or visit any branch. We're happy to help.


Web access is required to use Mobile Banking. Check with your wireless carrier for fees that may apply. Mobile Banking is only available to Online Banking users only and all terms and conditions applicable to Online Banking apply to Mobile Banking. Transfers and Bill Pay must be set up in Online Banking in order to use these functions in Mobile Banking.

Text Banking is available for all MSB customers. Online Banking is not required. For your protection, do not text us your account numbers. You should use your account nickname when sending a text command. We will never include your account number in our text messages. On occasion your mobile phone manufacturer may release software updates for your phone. These should be downloaded and installed regularly to ensure your mobile phone has the most current and up-to-date software installed.