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How to Manage a Financial Windfall

January 03, 2022

If you have, or are expecting, to receive an unexpected financial windfall, whether through an inheritance, divorce, sale of property or a business, or other means, there are important considerations.

The truth is that a sudden influx of money is a unique situation that most people are unfamiliar with. This is not the time to figure things out on your own. A good financial advisor will help you understand your options.

From a financial perspective, managing a windfall requires a fresh wealth management approach. Investing can mean the difference between having the money last you the rest of your lifetime, or not. Ideally, recipients of instant wealth would take time to consider their financial life and goals before they do anything with the money.

The advisors at Middlesex Financial Group typically discuss prudent fiscal options, such as:

•  Putting the majority of the money towards your biggest goal - retirement.

•  Adding the maximum contribution limits to your tax-deferred accounts, like a Traditional or Roth IRA. Once that is completed you should explore ways to invest the remainder.

•  If you are in your 40’s or 50’s, you’ve likely shaped your portfolio to grow and build wealth. After including the money from the windfall, you may want to restructure your holdings to ensure that the money is properly allocated to align with your financial goals.

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