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Great, you’re here.

Over the next few minutes, you’ll learn how the personal and responsive customer service team here at Middlesex Savings Bank will ease your mind on the process of moving your banking to Middlesex and remove any fears you may have about complications, confusion or any concern that might give you pause about finally making the switch to a better banking relationship.

It’ll be your first proof of the incredible level of customer service that you can expect once you’re a Middlesex customer.

There are four key steps to switching to Middlesex, and here’s how the customer support team at Middlesex will help you through the process—as much or as little as you like.

Step 1: Open your Account.

You can do that right there on line at the bottom of the page. Just click the apply-online button and you can apply in a few minutes. Or, if you like, you can also visit a branch.

And if you have questions, just call the number below on this page and ask. Remember, no question is too small and your Middlesex customer support team is there ready to help.

Step 2: Direct Deposit.

Once your account is opened, if you have direct deposit from your place of employment, the HR folks there will typically need your new bank routing information and your new account number. If you have a question about any of this, just call the number below and remember, you can always ask for the person you’ve been working with by name, and they’ll help you with any question or detail you need.

Step 3: Setting up Online Bill Pay.

If you pay your bills online, now is the time to set up online bill pay exactly how you want it.

This is the area that keeps many people from switching to a better banking relationship for fear of making mistakes, missing payments or just generally being uncertain of what to do.

This is where your Middlesex customer support team sets itself apart. Here’s how.

To set up your new online bill pay locate your two most recent bank statements from your current bank.

Then, if you like, give your Middlesex customer support team a call. They’ll go through the statements with you in detail, identifying any and all next steps you need to take with regard to online bill pay set- up, entering account numbers, understanding processes, and any requirements your vendors might need.

The folks here at Middlesex have helped hundreds of customers switch, so they can answer any question you have and you’ll feel good knowing that as you enter your information into bill pay, your Middlesex expert is just a phone call away.

Step 4: Closing your old bank account.

This final step is a matter of letting the billing cycles of the companies you pay bills to, the electric company, cell phone company and so forth, catch up to your new Middlesex account. Typically, within two billing cycles it’s all caught up and you can close your old bank account.

Once again, any questions on when to close your old account or anything else at all, just call your Middlesex customer support team and ask.

They’ll have the answer.

You can expect that the service experience you’ll have with your Middlesex customer support team as you switch will continue once you’re a customer. Anytime you have a question or issues: You call. They answer. They help.

And remember, you can always ask for someone you like working with by name. Plus, if the person you want to speak with is busy when you call, you can leave a message and they’ll call you back. Yes. They’ll call you back. They do it all the time.

So in a time when we pump our own gas, scan our own groceries and everyone is looking for us to do it all ourselves, the folks here at Middlesex think you’ll like the level of commitment they have to being there to help with personal service. It’s why nine out of ten customers a willing to recommend them to their friends.

So if you’re ready, the folks here at Middlesex Savings Bank would like to help you switch and prove to you what real customer service is all about. It all starts with clicking the apply-online button below. Here’s hoping we see you as yet another happy Middlesex customer soon.


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