Business Banking Business Security Tips


Incidents of online and email fraud are on the rise and fraudsters may intentionally target small businesses because they often lack proper defensive controls.

Middlesex Savings Bank uses Fraud Alert to continuously monitor debit card activity. If suspicious charges outside of the norm appear on your Middlesex Bank Debit Mastercard®, our Fraud Alert Service may phone you directly on our behalf to confirm the charges. The primary method of contact will be performed by text. Other notifications options are available, please contact us to update your preferred contact method. You may be asked to respond to a toll-free number to verify card activity.

Click here to learn of current fraud schemes and how to protect yourself and your business.

Middlesex recommends implementing the following “best practices”, if you have not already, as a means to safeguard your business.

  • Use the best internet security (virus protection, firewalls, etc.) you can afford.

  • Limit administrative rights on users' workstations to help prevent the inadvertent downloading of malware or other viruses.

  • Ensure that your virus protection is enabled at all times and is automatically updated by the vendor.

  • Monitor and reconcile your account activity frequently.

  • Consider Positive Pay to reduce the risk of check fraud.

  • Review online activity by user.

  • Never share passwords or PINs (personal identification numbers).

  • Change passwords regularly (minimum of every 120 days).

  • Use strong passwords that include numbers, symbols or capital letters.

  • Do not use the same password on other websites.

  • Avoid saving passwords to a computer.

  • Never access online banking from a public wireless access point (i.e., hotel or library).

  • Secure your browser with firewall security such as Easy Solutions.

  • Utilize dual control features for outgoing monetary transactions (ACH & Wire Transfers).

  • Establish online alerts.

  • Log out of online banking when not in use.

  • Document your online banking policy and procedures and review them with employees at least annually.

  • Exercise caution when conducting business with parties that contact you over the internet and request that you send payment to them or to a third party.  

Middlesex will never request your PIN or password by phone, text or email.  If you believe that you are a victim of fraud involving your Middlesex account, call our customer information center at 1-877-463-6287.