About Us The New Voice of Middlesex

When you call our customer information center, you may notice a new voice guiding you through the menu options. The voice has not been software generated but rather, belongs to an actual Middlesex employee.
That voice belongs to Liz Hacquebord. Liz is our senior vice president and payment systems risk director. She oversees the department responsible for fraud detection and also providing fraud prevention education to  employees and customers.
“While most banks use an automated or random voice for their messaging, Middlesex has always chosen to have the voice of an employee – it’s more authentic and just feels like us,” said Liz.

The experience aligns with live calls to the customer information center, which are all taken by locally-staffed Middlesex employees. 

Liz has been in banking for 29 years and has worked at Middlesex for the past 19 years. She was originally hired as an assistant branch manager in Wayland and has held several roles across the bank. When she's not at work, she enjoys a love/hate relationship with gardening and loves spending time with her two dogs and two cats while enjoying her guilty pleasure of watching reality TV.
In Liz’s opinion, the sense of community is what she enjoys most about working at Middlesex. “Each time we are presented with a challenging situation I’m always amazed at how everyone drops everything and comes together with the same goal- to help our customers,” she said.
It may seem common to ask an employee to record the customer support phone prompts, but at Middlesex, it's part of our approach to truly local banking.