About Us Middlesex Savings Bank and Discovery Museum Announce $100,000 Sponsorship of New Gallery


Middlesex Savings Bank President and CEO Mike McAuliffe and Discovery Museum CEO Neil Gordon celebrate the opening of the Velocity Engineering Lab exhibit in the Middlesex Savings Bank Community Gallery. 

The Discovery Museum and Middlesex Savings Bank announced on January 14th that their long-running community support relationship has expanded to include a $100,000 investment in the new Discovery Museum, which opened in March, 2018.

“This investment in Discovery Museum is really an investment in the kids and families of the region,” said Mike McAuliffe, president and CEO of Middlesex Savings Bank. “Community support is at the heart of our charitable investments, and we view Discovery Museum as a tremendous community asset. We are thrilled to support their work to support kids’ informal learning through play.”

The gallery, named the Middlesex Savings Bank Community Gallery, is funded by the Bank and is a 1,200 square foot changing exhibit space designed to host an ongoing series of rotating exhibits, community events and cultural presentations.

Middlesex Savings Bank and the Middlesex Savings Charitable Foundation have funded the museum and its access programs consistently since 2011, funding free museum admission on Friday nights as well as supporting the museum’s fundraising galas and speaker series events. Additionally, the Bank was the first corporate funder to join the Campaign for the Discovery Museum, with capital gifts totaling $100,000 beginning in 2014.

“Middlesex Bank has been an impactful supporter of the museum for many years, and this latest gift underscores the Bank’s deep commitment to investing in the community we both serve,” said Discovery Museum CEO Neil Gordon. “The Middlesex Savings Bank Community Gallery is a space where our visitors will come together to play, explore, and share; it will be a hub of interesting and inspiring community programs and STEAM-based activity and learning.”

Currently, the gallery is hosting the Velocity Engineering Lab exhibit, a hands-on, interactive exhibit that blends hands-on experimentation with real-world applications, it teaches students key physics principles as they race golf balls along winding, sloping, and looping tracks, exploring how gravity, friction, speed, and acceleration affect the velocity and trajectory of moving objects. Visitors conduct their own experiments and compare the results of multiple test runs. Exhibit components include a Roller Coaster and Serpentine, Jump Track, Loop Track, Half-Pipe, and Dish.

For more information and to see which exhibits will be rotating through the Community Gallery, visit the Discovery Museum's website.