About Us Enhanced ATMs make deposits easy

Middlesex has begun converting their ATM fleet to no-envelope machines. Whether making a deposit, withdrawal or simply checking your account, Middlesex’s new ATMs provide you with NEW easy, convenient tools to manage your account with even more privacy and security than before.

  • Large easy-to-use screen - Simple colorful touchscreen navigation.
  • Privacy screen - For enhanced security, simply touch “switch screens” on the main screen to transfer all of your information to the new discrete privacy screen located next to the keypad.
  • Horizontal card reader - You now insert your card horizontally into the machine to begin your transaction for advanced security.
  • Envelope-free - Goodbye to envelopes and deposit slips! Simply insert cash or checks directly into ATM and it will count the cash, verify the checks and display the result on the monitor for verification. 
  • Printed Check images - Printed receipts now have the option of displaying checks deposited and a total of currency collected.