About Us Volunteering


If you live in a branch town, you'll see Middlesex people wherever you go. Whether it's a local cause or town celebration, if being there can help it be successful, then we'll be there. It's just the culture of the bank to be involved in and around the towns we serve.

Many of our bankers have grown up and live in the branch town they work in, so it's only natural to care about all things local.

At that point, it's not about being a bank, it's about being a good neighbor.

Interested in volunteering along with us or would you just like to learn more about upcoming local events? Check out our news and events sections to see what's happening in your community.

"About Us" Video transcript

Every morning as neighborhoods come to life, we open our doors and get ready for the day. And while we pride ourselves on offering the products and technology that can rival any big bank, the commitment we have to our customers and the towns they live in goes far beyond the doors of our branches.

For us, it’s about more than just banking. It’s about being loyal to where we live. That means a commitment to local business, not just big business, not just global business, but businesses of all sizes, that make up the communities we live in. The coffee shops, the bookstores, the farm stands, and the hardware stores we like to give our business to; because that’s what being loyal to where we live, is.

And nothing is more local than sports; which is why we support sports at all levels, in every town we do business in. From youth sports to high school sports, whether that’s a local girl’s high school soccer team or the local youth hockey team on the ice for an early morning practice. That’s what a commitment to local is all about.

It’s also why we support the local arts. Dance, theater, and music of all kinds. As a mutual and independent bank we are responsible only to our customers and the values we hold dear. So if a local library or event needs our help, or a music venue needs our support, we’ll want to be there. In the end, to truly know what your bank is about, consider what they do beyond the doors of their branches. In our case, we think you’ll find what we’re doing is being there, whenever we can, however we can. Doing more to make the towns and communities we live in better places.

It’s just who we choose to be.