About Us A different kind of banking


It's a simple philosophy really - put the customer first. With no shareholders, it's a philosophy we can easily commit to. It means always offering fair value for a reasonable price. It means getting to know our customers personally, greeting everyone with warmth and respect. It means being out there and getting involved in the communities of every branch town. When you make your customer your first priority, and not your shareholders, you truly can be a different kind of bank.

10 Reasons For How Middlesex is Different

  1. We’re mutual, so we put you first.

  2. On average, we charge less in fees than big banks.

  3. We pay more, on average, on savings options like CDs.

  4. Our bankers take the time to know you.

  5. We keep almost all of our mortgages in-house.

  6. We have branches and representatives serving Eastern Massachusetts.

  7. Our call center is local and very friendly.

  8. We're committed to today's banking technology.

  9. Our satisfaction rates beat the big banks, hands down.

  10. We're really, really nice. Just ask any Middlesex customer.


Meet a Middlesex Banker

Tony Zhang

Hi, I’m Tony Zhang and I’m proud to work at Middlesex.

Name: Tony Zhang

Title: Senior Vice President

Focus Area: Commercial Banking



What I like about Middlesex is that it's a mutual bank, so we can always think about what's right for the customer.  I feel like I am a part of a family that cares about the community I live in.


I'm involved with the Asia-America Chamber of Commerce where I help bring people together and offer the advice they need to help build their businesses.  Although the choice of where to volunteer is mine, the Bank always backs me in whatever I choose to do.

Passionate About Our Support

The bank is very diverse regarding all the different organizations we support.  It means a lot to us as employees because the causes are important to us as individuals.  It's also a very positive thing for the culture of the bank, because we are passionate about the work we do.

Customer and Community First

I came from a large bank where I often felt conflicted about the need to please Wall St. with short-term results in terms of profit versus the long-term well-being of the community.  At Middlesex, that's never a problem.  It's always about putting the customers and the community first.

Rob Look

Hi, I'm Rob Look and I joined Middlesex in 2012.

Name: Rob Look

Title: Vice President

Focus Area: Community Business Banking


Grassroots Involvement

Before I came here I worked for a very large corporation that wasn't focused on grassroots community involvement. Here, the importance of making a difference comes from the top. The management leads by example by doing the right thing for service and giving.

Community Involvement

As a business banker I see our community work as a big asset. Small business owners know that we are part of the fabric of the local community. They see our involvement and they appreciate it.

Making A Difference

I know that personal things I do in my town make a difference. We work with the Chambers, serve as liaison to the town and work with the start-ups —something few will do. When I see a start-up make it, I know I have made a difference for the community.

Sarah Connors

Hi, I'm Sarah Connors and I enjoy being active in the community.

Name: Sarah Connors

Title: Branch Manager, Framingham, Nobscot Branch



I love being involved in community activities. I walk in the Natick Fourth of July parade every year and volunteer in the Medway area whenever people need some help.

Customer Feedback

One of the best things about volunteering for community events is that you get to hear first-hand just how much people love this bank. You rarely if ever find someone who doesn't have something positive to say. People say to me, "Compared to that big bank across the street, you're offering a completely different product!"

Local Events

Sometimes when I talk to people at community events they are amazed to learn how big we are. We're so closely tied into their community that they think we are just for them!


It's so important to be involved in the community, not just to get our name out there, but because it shows that we are a part of the community just like they are. Which makes sense, because it's our community too and we live in town.