Security Software Discontinuation

Easy Solutions product sunset. 

Easy Solutions®, the anti-fraud security software offered to Middlesex Savings Bank Online Banking customers, will be discontinued by the vendor on June 29, 2022. Currently known as Appgate’s Detect Safe Browsing (DSB) Client service, the software will cease operation and action is needed before June 29, 2022 ONLY by those who have it installed.

If you do not have Easy Solutions/the DSB Client Service installed on a device that you use to access your Middlesex accounts, no further action is needed.

Easy Solutions product sunset. 

We understand that our customers want the highest level of security, especially when accessing their accounts. The good news is that the latest operating systems, anti-virus, and web-browsers continue adopting a security-first posture and therefore Easy Solutions/the DSB Client Service is no longer needed as an additional anti-fraud measure.

We recognize that you may also use multiple devices to access your accounts and removing this additional software provides you with a better and more consistent experience. 

What action is needed and when?

You may uninstall the DSB Client service from the applicable operating system any time between now and June 29, 2022. There are guides with further instructions for both Windows and Mac, included below.

Uninstall Instructions for Windows

Uninstall Instructions for MAC

What happens if no action is taken to uninstall the security software?

If you do not uninstall the software, once the DSB Client service is turned off by Appgate on June 29, 2022, you will start seeing a warning message, notifying you that DSB Client is not active or that there are problems connecting to the service. You may dismiss the warning and it will not prohibit you from accessing Online Banking or anything else. Middlesex Savings Bank recommends that you uninstall the DSB Client services from your device as soon as you’re able to.

Additional support

Should you have any questions or need additional technical support, please email