Right There With You

As a local bank, we're determined to make each day count.

Like you, we have decided to put down roots here—as an independent bank. We work hard at our job, care deeply about our family and friends and do whatever we can to strengthen our communities. And this common ground we share with you is probably why so many people and businesses around here rely on us as their bank. We are proud of where we stand. Right there with you.

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As a local bank, we’re focused on getting the details right.

The little things make a difference. Details matter. We live by this philosophy. And the reason we put so much energy into these small touches is that we stand from a strong and stable foundation. Throughout our history, our bedrock values have never wavered.

Three attributes capture the essence of our beliefs and define our actions.


As a local bank, we’re humbled by the dedication of our neighbors.

Every so often we have the opportunity to step back and marvel at the efforts and contributions of our customers. Whether they’re large corporations or small businesses, big families or just a young couple starting out, our communities are built and strengthened by the individual and collective resolve of our customers. It is our humble pleasure to serve them.

As a local bank, we’re inspired by the future.

With our long history of serving the community, it would be easy to focus solely on the traditional way of doing things. Yet, we know that to truly serve our communities, we must strive to deliver the most current, convenient and relevant product and service offerings available. To us, the future is not hazy. It is perfectly clear.

As a local bank, we’re honored to have the opportunity to help.

The fact that we are recognized as one of Massachusetts’ top corporate contributors is overshadowed by the commitment of our staff and the lasting impact made by our financial contributions. Quietly but effectively, our support of non-profit organizations, important causes and neighborhood programs all add up to improving the quality of life for everyone in the communities we serve.

2016 nonprofit contributions:

As a local bank,
we’re proud of where we stand.

Right there with

Find out what a truly local banking relationship feels like.

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